Second Grave, GOZU, Summoner and SET crush Worcester


If you like Doom and Stoner Rock then the place to be on Saturday night was Ralph’s Diner in Worcester, Massachusetts, where the musical stylings of four Massachusetts outfits rocked the house. Booked by Metal Thursday Presents own Chris Farmerie, the bill was stacked with SET, Summoner, GOZU and Second Grave headlining, who were releasing a new 10” two song vinyl that night. I got there two songs into the first band, SET, and the place already had a pretty full house. Ralph’s infamous parking lot was full of cars but thankfully, due to the recent frigid temperatures we have had, was lacking the lakes normally known to reside there.



Both SET and Summoner had solid offerings for the crowd and there were many rapt eyes and bobbing heads to go along with the chugging beats.  When GOZU hit the stage with the new five piece line up, the crowd was throttled with their new wall of sound. They may come off a little dry on the recordings but live, this band is really powerful. With the three guitarists, their catchy riffs and the huge drum sound pounding from the stage, it would be very hard to not to stop and take notice of them.


Second Grave finished out the show with one of the best sets I have seen from them. There were a couple of new songs thrown into the set that I really dug as well. When Krista Van Guilder, singer of Second Grave, breaks into those growls and screams, I feel like breaking something. Very powerful when juxtaposed to her clean singing style.

The joke of the night was how many members of the now defunct doom band, Warhorse, were in attendance that night. Krista Van Guildier joked during their set saying, “anyone who wasn’t in Warhorse, raise your hand.” It was a good night for all and I saw a bunch of merch being purchased, which is always good to see.

Second Grave-2

Second Grave

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