Hillarie Jason — Photographer and Fine Artist

HILLARIE JASON is a concert/band photographer and fine artist residing in Massachusetts. You can find her in the pit at almost every metal and rock show around the area documenting live acts like Behemoth, Morbid Angel, Anthrax, Slayer, and Motörhead. You can find her photos in magazines like Decibel, Ghost Cult Magazine, The Worcester Magazine, Pulse, The Telegram and Gazette, as well as multiple websites and band albums.

When creating promotional band photos, Hillarie works with the bands to create images that capture the emotion and spirit of their music. Some of her past promotional shoots include bands like Pentagram, Morne and Abnormality.

If her camera isn’t in front of her face, Hillarie spends her time creating fine art paintings and sculptures. You may have seen her work on album covers for Faces of Bayon’s Heart of the Fire, Black Soul Seraphim’s Alms and Avarice, Blood Stone Sacrifice’s Cult of the Serpent Sun, and Sorrowseed’s Extinction Prophecies.

She’s currently accepting commission requests for both album artwork and band promos and is available as a tour and festival photographer. Please contact her for more information.

Best live show experience: “That’s tough. What comes to mind recently is Maryland Death Fest in 2012. I had the chance to shoot one of my all-time favorite bands, Godflesh, on their first US visit in about 16 years.”

Note: Hillarie’s live music shots are available in a couple of different ways. Physical prints are sold solely as Fine Art Limited Editions, and are not sold commercially. Digital files and prints are also available for editorial use. Please contact Hillarie for more information.